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Parking Lot Procedures

Morning Parking Lot Procedures
Cars may enter the parking lot from either the signal at Vista Grande or from Santa Rosa Road. Cars must travel in a circular pattern around the lower lot. The middle lane running through the lower parking lot will ONLY be used for staff parking and dinner/dance auctioned parking spots. Students MUST be dropped off at the curb in front of the office. This curb is for the immediate unloading of students only and the students should be prepared to immediately exit the vehicle. Students will be assisted from their vehicles by SRTMS Campus Supervisors. Cars not dropping-off a student will remain in the left lane and continue their circular travel around the parking lot or travel to the upper parking lot. Parents wishing to walk their student(s) to class must park in the upper parking lot and escort their students down the sidewalk through the front entrance of SRTMS. Students are NOT to walk unescorted through the lower parking lot.

Drop-Off Procedures
Students are strongly discouraged from being dropped off prior to 7:45 am. Campus supervision will NOT be provided prior to 7:45 am. Upon your students’ arrival at SRTMS, they are to hang their backpacks on the coat hooks outside their class rooms (K5) or put belongings into lockers (6-8) and proceed to the upper playground (K5) or covered lunch area (6-8). Children will not be allowed to remain in the hallways or enter classrooms. A warning bell will ring at 8:05 am. Students will immediately proceed to their classrooms. The school day will begin at 8:10 am in the classroom.

Pick-Up Procedures
All students will be dismissed from the two field gates as they have in previous years. Plan ahead with your children as to which gate you will pick them up from will expedite the process. For safety reasons, students will NOT be permitted to leave the campus until their parents have arrived at the gate. Students are NOT to walk unescorted through the parking lot. It is understood that this practice is inconvenient for parents, yet it is designed for the safety of students. Students are NOT allowed to exit the school campus through the front office or bus gate with the following exceptions: parent utilizes handicap parking stall, parent purchased a Dinner Dance parking stall or won a Fun Run stall, student is picked-up by outside vendor child-care.